In the lead up to and the mayhem of opening Netherworld, we were keen to introduce the venue as the monster filled cantina we had in our heads with a video. Over a beer and a silly chat, our mate Arika Crotty pitched a short to us that would be that thing. We’re not big on ‘commercials’, but being monster fans, anthology tales are something that formed a lot of the inspiration for the venue. Along with co-creator Tom Michael McCaw, it was suggested that Netherworld be the narrative platform for a whole series of anthology shorts throughout our existence, with their film being the first.

With that locked in place, we chose a date when the venue was close to ready to shoot an ambitious short, leaning on incredibly talented crew, actors, makeup artists and an army of friends. What resulted was ‘Kore’.

Over the coming years, we’ll be revisiting this concept whenever possible, creating short stories spanning many genres with two things in common – Monsters and the Netherworld. Sometimes with characters from other shorts, sometimes with completely new characters.

If you’re a passionate film maker that would like to contribute, get in touch.

A list of strange anthology shows you need to see: The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt, Amazing Stories, The Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Black Mirror, Inside No. 9, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories.

Thanks to Ben McLeay, Georgie Levi and Laura Seeds for the behind the scenes imagery.




Producer / Co-Director – Arika Crotty

Co-Producer /Co-Director  – Thomas McCaw

Additional Assistant Director –  Jennifer Embelton

Unit Manager – Georgie Levi

Production Assistant -Harrison Gavioli

Director of Photography – Brian Loewe

1st AC / Steadicam Operator – David Aponas

Gaffer – Owen Smith

Lighting Assistant – Kine Galton

Composer – Liam Malby

Sound Designer – David Gaylard

Production Designer – Arika Crotty

Props Assistant – Meeki Crotty

Costume provider – Craddock Creature SFX

Creature provider – Heads Up Film Services Up Film Services

Make Up Artist – Megan Farquharson

Make Up Artist – Anna Webb

Make Up Artist – Mel Koffins

Make Up Artist – Brian Craddock

Make Up Artist – Miranda Paterson

Make Up Artist – Meeki Crotty

Make Up Artist – Jess Ritchie

Make Up Artist – Mackenzie Gordon

Editor / VFX Supervisor – Justin Leggereit

Graphic Designer – Mel Baxter

Set Photographer – Laura Seeds

Hero Wardrobe – Oscar Hannah Clark

Kore – Ashlee Lollback

Nostrum – Adam Harmer

And too many incredibly patient, amazing extras/monsters to name.