The FAQs

If you can’t find the answer here, get in touch.

We’re constantly updating our FAQs page, so if there’s something you’re unsure of please shoot us an email and we’ll update the page. It’s also a good idea to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, as the denizens of the Netherworld are pretty tech savvy, despite having tentacles instead of fingers. We’ll be posting loads of events and info on social media, so like or follow us now!

How do I get there?

We’re on the corner of St Paul’s Tce and Brunswick St, which is a very short walk from the Fortitude Valley train station. It’s a pub, so we highly recommend you don’t drive when there’s convenient public transport nearby.

I only plan on having two beers, so what’s the parking like?

It’s ok, depending on when you come. It’s a little harder to find a nearby park during office hours, but provided it’s not the Valley Fiesta, you can generally find nearby street parking. Alternatively, there’s plenty of paid parking space nearby on Alfred St in a Secure Parking facility.

Can I book a table?

We take bookings from Midday until 4pm on weekdays and only at midday on weekends, otherwise we operate on a first in, best dressed policy. If you have a birthday party, work drinks or want to bring a big group down, get in touch with us at and we can advise on the best times to do so.

Do you do functions?

At certain times. We can do up to 50 person group bookings with a start time of midday to late afternoon during the week and on certain dates with a start time of midday on Saturday and Sunday, depending on what events are happening on the day. There is no completely private area, but we can put aside some tables for you. There is no hire fee or minimum spend. E-mail us at and we can give you more information.

Can I hire out the whole venue?

Generally, no. There are exceptions. The venue is available for full hire on Mondays. Get in touch with us at to discuss.

I don’t eat ‘blank’, can I change up the menu?

Our menu is incredibly, incredibly friendly towards alternative diets. If you don’t make any additions, all items on the menu are meat and dairy free. If you need to know or want to change something else, just ask. We won’t bite.

What games do you have?

You can check out the full game list by hitting the Games tab up top.

Why don’t you have my favourite game?

Sheesh, tough crowd. Some games will rotate and change. If you have a suggestion, we’re keen to hear. Just let us know!

How much does it cost to play a game?

Each arcade and pinball machine in the venue costs $1 to play. There may be exceptions to this from time to time, but not often.

I just beat the venue high score on a game…

You did it! You bloody beauty! Let us know, as we keep a record of this sort of thing. We’ll update it weekly in the venue and online. You might even get a prize for your hard work…

Are all your games completely original?

Pretty much, yeah. If it’s not 100% original, it’s an original board with a rebuilt cabinet. Some machines have taken an absolute beating over the years and have an LCD screen so they can take more punishment. It’s not ideal but the nature of the arcade beast. It varies from machine to machine. If you have any questions about a particular game, we’re more than happy to answer any questions.

Are your machines well maintained?

This is something that is very important to us. All of our machines are regularly maintained. If you notice anything that needs improving, let us know so that we can give the machine the love and affection it deserves.

Does it cost money to play board games or consoles?

Nope. All we ask is that you bow before the gaming Gods and respect them. Don’t take any pieces. Pack it away well after use.

Do you have a happy hour?

We can’t talk about such things outside of the venue by law! When you pop your head in, we can give you the low down.

Can I bring my kids?

At certain times. Netherworld policy is that no under 18 will be allowed in the venue past 5pm. As long as you’re the guardian, feel free to bring the little ones in before then. We will make exceptions for little ones that cannot be separated from their families.

Once a month on Sunday morning we’ll be hosting an event for guardians and kids, with half price tokens and no alcohol service until midday. A great excuse to show these young whipper snappers what gaming used to be like.

There was a problem with my game!

Yeah, it’ll happen from time to time. They’re old and need constant maintenance. It’s important to us that the games are in great working condition, so just let us know if you notice anything, We’ll make sure you’re compensated for it and get onto the problem as soon as we can.

Do you do gift cards?

Damn straight we do. Just pop into the bar. If you can’t make it, get in touch with us via

Can I have a job?

Maybe. Send us your resume and a little about yourself to

I have a random question.

Then get in touch! Email us at or visit the contact page.